This Trail includes exciting exhibits for raccoons, coyotes and gray wolves, together with long-time residents like beaver, otter, puma and lynx. Smaller Minnesota favorites, like turtles, frogs, are featured in the exhibit’s “trailhead,” a warm and welcoming lodge. Along the Trail, guests experience a variety of Minnesota landscapes, ranging from views into a beaver pond, a walk alongside a northern forest glade and a bird-watching perch in the treetops.

Wolf Woods—The Zoo is home to northern gray wolves, viewed in their native woodland setting from a variety of perspectives, including a rustic log cabin set right in the center of the exhibit.

Coyote Exhibit —Rocky ledges at the edge of the forest conceal a secure coyote den—one that kids can explore too! Side by side with the wolves, these highly adaptable canines will convey the story of change in the Minnesota landscape.

The Lodge—Log siding, a grand stone fireplace and beautiful photographs create a setting for animal demonstrations and exhibits of Minnesota turtles and frogs.

Beaver Pond—Guests walk along a beaver pond and down a walkway where large windows offer an expansive underwater view and video monitors show action inside the beaver lodge. Adjacent to the pond is a small wetland area.

Wild Bird Deck—Native trees, shrubs, and perennials surround a large cedar deck with views of the Zoo’s Main Lake in the background. A variety of feeders entice birds, and guests will get the chance to practice bird watching and identification with helpful hints on landscaping to attract our feathered friends.

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