2017-2018 ZOOMS Design Challenge

Looking for ways to engage your students in integrated STEM? Register your class to develop a solution to a real problem at the zoo! This year, both challenges are focused on the highly endangered Amur Tiger. A free design challenge teacher workshop will be offered on Thursday August 17th and Tuesday September 26th from 9 am- 3 pm (choose one to attend), to offer resources, activity ideas, and background knowledge of each challenge to help support implementation of the design challenge in to your classroom. If you are unable to attend, communication will be continued through an online basecamp community of design challenge participants throughout the year.  The first 10 Elementary and 10 Middle School teacher’s to register receive a $200 stipend upon meeting design challenge guidelines.

Enrichment Design Challenge
Level 1:  3rd – 5th Grade
Level 2: Middle School

Meet the Enrichment Goals for Minnesota Zoo’s Amur Tiger’s
The Minnesota Zoo has recently expanded our Amur Tiger pack from three to four, with the addition of a new female tiger cub. The tiger keepers now have their hands full caring for the diverse pack, as they all have different needs, likes/dislikes, and set goals for enrichment.  Keepers would love to help the new mother, Sundari, feel comfortable being visible to the public with her new cub. Patricie, our cautious female tiger, needs help building her confidence to play openly and comfortably and to build trust with the keepers. Putin, the sociable lone male and new father, needs encouragement through engaging enrichment to play independently away from the females and learn how to enjoy his time away from them.  Keepers need help meeting their enrichment goals through new innovative enrichment ideas that not only encourage tiger natural behaviors, but also consider their individual needs, safety, and exhibit use.

Enrichment Design Challenge Guidelines

Exhibit Design Challenge
Level 1:  3rd – 5th Grade
Level 2: Middle School

Pitch new ideas to the Minnesota Zoo to redesign the Tiger Basecamp Exhibit
The Minnesota Zoo currently offers two exhibits for viewing the Amur Tigers, Tiger Basecamp and Tiger Lair. Right now, because of the diverse needs of each tiger and the exhibit features of both spaces, Sundari is the only tiger that currently can use both exhibits. Putin and Patricie are only able to use the Tiger Basecamp which limits the keepers with shifting the tigers throughout the day and providing them with a new environment to explore. While the Tiger Basecamp exhibit has an interactive area for visitors, the design and layout of the space needs improvement to resolve many issues and to accommodate all tigers, including the newest female tiger cub born to Sundari in April. The Minnesota Zoo would love to see new design ideas to see how the space could better accommodate the tigers will still meeting the needs of the keepers and visitors.

Exhibit Design Challenge Guidelines

Registration is closed for the 2017-2018 school year. Check back in May 2019 to find out next school year’s challenge!

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