2018-2019 ZOOMS Design Challenge
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Looking for ways to engage your students in integrated STEM? Register your class to develop a solution to a real problem at the zoo! This year, both challenges are focused on the endangered Moose. A FREE design challenge teacher workshop will be offered on Tuesday September 25th from 9 am- 3 pm to offer resources, activity ideas, and background knowledge of each challenge to help support implementation of the design challenge in to your classroom. If you are unable to attend, communication will be continued through an online basecamp community of design challenge participants throughout the year.  The first 10 Elementary and 10 Middle School teacher’s to register receive a $200 stipend upon meeting design challenge guidelines.

Enrichment Design Challenge
Level 1:  3rd – 5th Grade
Level 2: Middle School

Meet the Enrichment Goals for Minnesota Zoo’s Moose
The Minnesota Zoo became the new home to six abandoned moose calves in the summer of 2014 – Grant, Marais, Mack, Matilda, Alice, and Aurora. These calves, two male and four female, all came to the Zoo when they were 7-9 weeks old, needing around the clock care for the first few months as they settled into their new home. Keepers need help meeting their enrichment goals through new innovative enrichment ideas that not only encourage moose natural behaviors, but also consider their individual needs, safety, and exhibit use.

Enrichment Design Challenge Guidelines

Exhibit Design Challenge
Level 1:  3rd – 5th Grade
Level 2: Middle School

Pitch new ideas to the Minnesota Zoo to redesign the Moose Exhibit
The Minnesota Zoo is home to six abandoned moose calves that arrived in the summer of 2014. Currently visitors may see either one or two moose roaming at a time in their habitat along the Northern Trail.  As the 40th year anniversary of the Minnesota Zoo is underway, the zoo is looking to revitalize the moose exhibit to highlight the amazing conservation work being done to save the declining wild moose population in Minnesota.  Although planning for a moose exhibit is only in the brainstorming phase, zoo exhibit designers hope to split the exhibit in 2 to allow for more than 1-2 moose to be visible for visitors at a time. They’d also like new interpretive theming, more immersive visitor spaces, and better viewing angles. Keepers are also hoping for a better training and enrichment area to improve visibility during scheduled demonstrations available to the public. The Minnesota Zoo would love to see some creative design ideas to help guide their brainstorm of what a new moose exhibit could look like while better accommodating the needs of the moose, keepers, and visitors.

Exhibit Design Challenge Guidelines

Registration for the 2018-2019 school year is now closed. Follow Minnesota Zoo for Educators on Facebook to be notified when the next registration opens up in May 2019 for the next school year! https://www.facebook.com/MNZooEdu/.

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