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City Rabbits and Suburban Turkeys

This past March, we announced a new collaboration between the Minnesota Zoo’s BioDiscovery Project and the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute. Katie Talbott, Coordinator for the BioDiscovery Project, has an update on their trail camera project!

Along with gray squirrels, wild turkeys, like the male above, [...]
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Urban vs. Suburban – Comparing Wildlife on Zoo-Site

The Minnesota Zoo’s BioDiscovery Project is partnering with the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute to compare their wildlife findings on each zoo’s site. Our BioDiscovery Project Coordinator, Katie Talbott, is excited to announce this partnership and get you all involved as well!


Neither snow, nor ice, nor threat of frostbite…

  Red Bellied Woodpecker  Although the weather […]

Tuesday, December 31, 2013|Conservation|

Introducing the Minnesota Zoo BioDiscovery Project

The Minnesota Zoo opens our eyes to the amazing diversity of life on this planet by offering a chance to learn about and see animals from around the world. But did you know there are lots of animals at the Zoo who don’t live in enclosures? Approximately 280 acres of the Zoo site is […]

Monday, December 16, 2013|Conservation|