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The Sri Lankan junglefowl is the national bird of Sri Lanka.

What They Eat

Small invertebrates like ants, along with seeds and berries.

Where They Live

Although they are found only Sri Lanka, these birds are common throughout their range. They live in a variety of habitats, including rainforest and dry scrub.

What They Do

Junglefowl fly short distances and will roost overnight in trees, but they are primarily  terrestrial birds that even next on the ground.

How They’re Doing

Even though they are restricted to an island, Sri Lankan junglefowl are common and are not considered threatened.

Where in the World

Sri Lanka


forest, scrub, tea plantations

Conservation Status


Animal Facts

Length: Males wing lengths up to 9.4 inches and tail lengths up to 15.6 inches, females have wing lengths up to 7 inches and tail lengths of 4.3 inches
Males 1.7-2.5 pounds, females up to 1.3 pounds
Lifespan: As long as 40 years in human care

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Where at the Zoo

Tropics Trail

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Females are smaller than males, are drab in their color, and lack a wattle and comb.

Sri Lankan junglefowl are known to make a rooster-like crowing call as well as a foraging call that sounds like “kreeu, kreeu, kreeu.”

Domestic poultry have been known to hybridize with wild Sri Lankan junglefowl.

The Sri Lankan junglefowl is the only species of junglefowl to have a yellow iris.

Junglefowl mate year-round and lay 2-4 eggs at a time.

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