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This shy pheasant lives in the deep jungles of the Malay Peninsula. The male is not brightly colored, but has elongated wing feathers that blue “eye” spots the length of the feathers. The male fans these feathers in a spectacular display to attract the female during mating season. This display is similar to that of Indian peafowl.

What They Eat

The Malay Great Argus eats fruit, berries, and seeds. They also feed on a variety of insects and invertebrates. At the zoo, they eat processed game bird pellets, fruit, vegetables, mealworms and crickets.

Where They Live

The Malay Great Argus is found in the jungles of Borneo, Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula.

What They Do

The Malay Great Argus is a timid and reclusive bird, and make high high pitched single syllable call that sounds like “WOW” that can be heard long distances in the thick jungle.

How They’re Doing

The Malay Great Argus are listed as Near Threatened due to continued loss of habitat which could threaten wild populations in the future.


Where in the World

Malay Peninsula, Sumatra


Tropical Forest

Conservation Status


Animal Facts

Body length: 70-80 inches(males)
Weight: 4.5-6 pounds
Lifespan: unknown in wild; up to 20 years in zoos

Taxonomic Category


Where at the Zoo

Tropics Trail

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