Some of the hardwood trees Golden Conures use for nesting are selectively harvested by loggers, often illegally.

What They Eat

Golden Conures eat seeds, nuts, fruits and berries, as well as agricultural crops like corn.

Where They Live

This bird is found only in central Brazil, where it lives in the lowland forests of a small part of the eastern Amazon River Basin.  It is known to visit more open areas during the breeding season.

What They Do

These birds nest communally.  Many females lay eggs in the same tree cavity and several adults work together to care for the young.

How They’re Doing

This species is considered vulnerable to extinction. Habitat fragmentation and illegal logging have contributed to the destruction of Golden Conure habitat.  Additionally, illegal trapping of the birds themselves has taken a toll.  It is estimated that fewer than 2,500 individuals remain in the wild, and their numbers are declining.

Where in the World

South America


Lowland Forests

Conservation Status


Animal Facts

Body length: 13-14 inches long
Weight: just over a half-pound
Wingspan: 12 inches
Lifespan: 10-40 years

Taxonomic Category


Where at the Zoo

Wings Financial World of Birds Show

Golden Conure chicks are white.  Juveniles have yellow and green plumage, but it is duller than that of the adults, which are golden yellow with deep green flight feathers.

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