2020 FAQ’s

All Summer 2020 Zoo Camp sessions have been cancelled.  For more information, please review the Summer 2020 Zoo Camp Cancellation FAQs.

How do I register for Zoo Camp?
Which grade should I register my child for?
Can I register my child for an older or younger camp?
What if I want my child to only attend camp for two or three days instead of all five days for a week-long camp?
Do you have a multiple child discount?
Can you hold a spot for my camper?
Do you have scholarships available for summer Zoo Camp?
I’ve registered for camp, but now need to change dates. What should I do?
How do waitlists work since the camp I want says sold out online?
If the camp I want has a waitlist, can I sign up for the waitlist and another camp instead?
Can my child be in the same group as their friend or sibling?
How do I go about getting a refund?
Do I get a refund if my child is asked to leave camp because of behavioral issues?
Do you offer half-day or full-day camps?
How should I inform you if my child has allergies, medical conditions or other special needs?
What do I do if my child has medications they need to take during Zoo Camp?
Do you provide before or after care supervision for week-long camps?
What do the campers do at before and after care?
Can I stay with my child?
Is there an opportunity for parents to meet camp staff?
What will my child do at camp?
What is the camper-teacher ratio?
Are children supervised at all times?
Is a snack provided for my child?
Does my child bring their own lunch?
What kind of training do the teachers have?
Are the farm campers dropped off in the same location as non-farm campers?
Are the Zoo Crew and other Grades 7-9 campers dropped off in the same location as all the other campers?
What if my child is sick or is unable to attend camp for another reason?
How do I drop off and pick up my child for camp?
What if I have to drop off one child at one location (Farm, SES, EEC, East Gate-main camp gate) and another child at a different location?
What if my child has a morning camp at the Farm and an afternoon camp at the main zoo?
What if I am running late?
Can anyone pick up my child?
My child is in a wheelchair or has difficulty walking. Can s/he still come to camp?
My child is having a birthday while at camp. Can I send store-bought treats or toys?
Will my child get to touch zoo animals?
Will my child get to go behind-the-scenes?
My child is afraid of snakes/lizards/spiders/etc. Will s/he have to touch them?
Do you cancel Zoo Camp because of weather?
Can I come into the Zoo after I drop off my child?
What if my child has separation anxiety?
My child is too young for the camp, but will be the appropriate age just a short time after the camp starts. Can s/he come to camp anyway?
Is there anything my Zoo Camper should not bring?
Does my child get a camp t-shirt?
How much do extra shirts cost?
What size are the t-shirts?
How does the Minnesota Zoo utilize photos taken of the campers?
What is the policy for cell phone use during Summer Zoo Camp?
If I have questions or need to get a message to camp staff or my child, who should I call?