May 25 – September 27

You “herd” right! In the summer of 2019, llamas will be making their debut at the Minnesota Zoo. Llama Trek, the special experience along the Northern Trail, will allow guests to walk among free-roaming llamas. The seasonal space will feature other South American animals—guinea pigs and flightless birds known as rheas—and highlight the Minnesota Zoo’s efforts to support wild chinchilla conservation in Chile.

With minimal separation from the animals, guests will get a great opportunity to observe llamas lunching, llamas munching, llamas scratching and llamas napping. The Llama Trek experience is included with general Zoo admission. For additional fees, guests may also feed a llama or try walking a llama on our designated llama walk path. Don’t forget the camera! If you’re in love with llamas, make sure to check out our program offerings in 2019. There will be a llotta llama programming going on, from summer camps and birthday parties to special backstage experiences!


What is Llama Trek? 
Have you herd about Llama Trek? Bring your flock to this immersive new exhibit featuring llamas, rheas and guinea pigs.
Guests will walk among llamas, without barriers! However, we ask that guests stay on the walking path and do not touch the llamas.
The llamas will be much more fleeced to meet you that way.

Where is Llama Trek?
It is located along the Zoo’s Northern Trail.

What are the dates of Llama Trek?
Llama Trek is scheduled to open Saturday, May 25. It will be open daily through September 27.

What are the times of Llama Trek?
Hours for Llama Trek will be 9:30 am – 6 pm weekends and 9:30 am – 4:00 pm weekdays, weather-permitting.

Is Llama Trek included with zoo admission?
Yes, access to Llama Trek is included with Zoo admission.

Can you ride a llama?
No, you can’t ride a llama. But you can ride a camel at the Camel Ride area next to Llama Trek. Did you know that camels and llamas are related to each other?

If you can’t ride a llama, what can you do with them?
Guests ages 1 and older can purchase tickets to walk a llama on a special llama path!
Tickets are $7 per person, and only those with tickets will be allowed in the designated walking area.
Take a selfie and tell all your friends how phe-llama-nol it is to walk a llama.

Are service dogs allowed?
Due to the sensitivity of the llamas and guest safety, service animals are not allowed in the Llama Trek habitat.

Is Llama Trek wheelchair accessible?
Yes. The path is compacted gravel. The llama walking path is wheelchair accessible, too.

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