This is a paid internship.  The wage is $10.00 per hour.

The Minnesota Zoo’s 2020 Summer Seasonal Exhibit, “Llama Trek” will offer guests an opportunity to interact with domesticated llamas, guinea pigs, and exotic rhea in an immersive outdoor exhibit space.  The llamas will be free roaming, and guests will have the opportunity to feed and walk them on a lead along a designated walking path with staff guidance.

Interns in the Llama Trek exhibit will be responsible for the care and feeding of all species featured in the exhibit, maintaining the exhibit area so that it is sanitary and attractive, providing enrichment for the animals, supporting and monitoring the health of the collection.  Zoo Keeper interns in Llama Trek will be required to interact extensively with guests.

Applicants for this internship should be pursuing an undergraduate degree in biology, animal science, zoo keeping or zoology, or related field.  Halter and lead experience with domestic animals preferred.

Working Conditions:

  • Schedule:
    • Scheduled between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
    • 30 hours/week;10 hours/day
    • Start date will be May 20, 2020; end date will be in mid-to-late August (TBD)
  • Location:
    • Primarily outdoors at the Summer Seasonal Exhibit space
  • Activity Level:
    • Medium to high level of physical activity required, including extensive walking outdoors, standing to prepare diets; crouching, bending, stretching, lifting etc. to maintain sanitary and safe exhibit and animal holding spaces; may include the use of power tools
  • Animal Husbandry-Collection Interpretation work task distribution:
    • Interns in this work area should expect to spend more time performing tasks associated with public engagement than with animal care