Become a Friend of the Minnesota Zoo Foundation

Friends Benefits

With gratitude for your support, the Minnesota Zoo Foundation offers a number of exclusive benefits for Friends.

For more information, contact Shannon Rhatigan at 952.431.9447 or [email protected]

I’m already a Zoo member—will I lose out on anything if I upgrade to a Friends Plus membership? How many guests can I bring as a Friends Plus member?
Can the children on my Friends Plus membership come without me? Can they bring our two free guests?
Can I make my Friends Plus donation in automatic monthly installments instead of in one lump sum?
What are the donor events?
Do I have to pay extra to attend a Friends of the Minnesota Zoo donor event?
How do I register for donor events?
What if I want to bring more than my two free guests for a regular Zoo visit?
Is parking covered by my Friends Plus membership?
How does the Zoo use my Friends of the Minnesota Zoo donation?
What is the difference between the Minnesota Zoo and the Minnesota Zoo Foundation?
This didn’t answer my question—who do I contact?

Donor benefits are subject to change without notice, may not be exchanged, and have no monetary value. The COVID-19 pandemic may impact delivery of donor benefits.