Sponsor an African Fruit Bat

Bats are practically synonymous with Halloween, but they’re doing important work year-round.  Minnesota’s bats mostly eat flying insects—including mosquitos!  And did you know that many African plants depend on fruit bats to spread pollen and disperse their seeds?

Three species of African Fruit Bats share an exhibit on the Minnesota Zoo’s Tropics Trail: the Egyptian Fruit Bat, the Ruwenzori Fruit Bat, and the larger and more visible Straw-Colored Fruit Bat.

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Your gift to the Minnesota Zoo Foundation will help us provide the resources necessary for the Zoo to maintain the best possible care for all of our amazing animals, while also continuing our conservation efforts here at home and around the world.

Your sponsorship includes:

  • A personalized animal sponsorship certificate.
  • An African Fruit Bat trading card with a photo and fun facts.

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