I know – Sponsor the Rhino!

The Minnesota Zoo is a key player in Desert Black Rhino conservation in Namibia, even though we do not have rhinos on site. Your animal sponsorship gift supports the Minnesota Zoo as well as conservation projects around the world.

Only about 4,000 black rhino remain in the wild, and approximately 150 of those are a desert-adapted subspecies living in northwestern Namibia, where a full-time Minnesota Zoo employee is working with a local conservation organization called Save the Rhino Trust. Learn more about the Desert Black Rhino

Together, we aim to expand the Desert Black Rhinos’ range and ensure key wilderness areas are protected and sustained through responsible tourism that benefits local communities. After identifying the most promising areas to restore black rhinos, the project will lead training programs on how to conduct responsible rhino tourism.

Your sponsorship gift to the Minnesota Zoo Foundation includes:

  • 12” black rhino plush.
  • An animal sponsorship certificate.
  • A Black rhino trading card with a photo and fun facts.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference at the Minnesota Zoo.

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For more information, contact Michele.Smith at [email protected], 952.431.9342, or toll free at 800.366.7811 x342. Thank you for your interest in supporting the Minnesota Zoo Foundation!