Wild Wolf EdVenture


Join the Minnesota Zoo for this once-in-a-lifetime North Woods adventure!

We start our journey at the Minnesota Zoo by going behind the scenes and visiting the Zoo’s wolves. From there, we continue our three-day, two-night adventure in Ely, where you will gain a new familiarity with one of our state’s most charismatic species.

Weather permitting, other activities include:

  • Flying in a small airplane attempting to spot wolves in the wild
  • Using radio telemetry to experience how researchers track wolves, in air and on ground
  • Dogsledding with Wintergreen*
  • Snowshoeing through the snowy woods to a frozen waterfall or other wintry delights
  • Howling to the local wild wolf packs
  • Touring the inspiring exhibits at the International Wolf Center (IWC)
  • Participating in evening educational programs at the IWC
  • Learning about wolf biology and conservation from local experts
  • Enjoying your time at the Silver Rapids Lodge
  • Exploring and shopping in downtown Ely during free time

*Wintergreen is owned and operated by Paul Schurke and his wife Susan. Paul was a member of the first confirmed team to reach the North Pole without re-supply. Expedia rated dogsledding with Wintergreen as one of the top “unexpected adventures you need to experience” in the country.

Ely was cited by National Geographic as one of “America’s Best Adventure Towns.”  Come find out for yourself!

Activity Level:  Easy | MODERATEChallenging | Difficult
Reasons: hiking/snowshoeing for an hour, standing and holding on to the back of a dogsled for 2 hours with another person while driving the team, and stepping up and into a small 4-seat airplane for a 30 minute flight. Persons over 250lbs and/or 6’ 6” tall may find it difficult to balance on the dogsleds and/or be comfortable in the airplane. The plane also has a weight limit we have to follow.

If you have any questions about accessibility, please contact [email protected]

This trip does not include:

  • Personal items (bottle water, alcohol, souvenirs, etc.)
  • Tips for dogsled guides ($10 per guest recommended)
  • Transportation to, from, and around Ely
    • We highly suggest you drive an AWD or 4WD vehicle (many 2WD vehicles get stuck in the snow on these trips)
    • If you need transportation to be provided, please contact us as limited seating may be available in a staff vehicle

Date: February 2022
Age: Adults age 18+
Cost: Members: $600 per person; Non-members: $625 per person

Future Schedule: (this is a tentative schedule and could change)
2022: Two Adult Trips (18+)
2023: One Adult Trip (18+), One Family Trip (13+ with an adult; max of 2 teens per adult)
2024: One Adult Trip (18+), One Teen Trip (14-18)

How to Register

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If you would like more information on this trip, or to be placed on the interested list for any future trips, please email [email protected].