Travel EdVentures at the Minnesota Zoo

Travel to unique and beautiful places of the world with a Zoo professional at your side. The Minnesota Zoo’s travel programs combine adventure and education. You’ll explore amazing places locally and globally while learning about wildlife, conservation, and local culture.

What makes a Minnesota Zoo Travel EdVenture unique?

  • Every trip is focused on wildlife and conservation issues, so you know you’ll learn more about animals and ecology, and the issues most important to that local region
  • Our itineraries always include a mixture of education, hands-on opportunities to get involved, and fun new experiences
  • You travel with a Zoo naturalist, always there as a resource, as well as getting to learn from local guides and partners
  • We keep each trip small (a maximum of 11-20 people per trip) so that everyone gets a personalized experience and doesn’t feel like part of a ‘crowd’
  • We price our trips as low as we possibly can – our goal is to support conservation around the world
  • Your trip payment supports local conservation efforts and people working to protect wildlife; you make a difference when you attend one of our travel programs

Every year, we offer trips to far-away places for adults and college students, and for teens. These programs are typically seven to fourteen days long. We also offer multiple shorter, local trips around Minnesota and the Midwest, focused on animals like wolves, bats, or cranes.

Check out the upcoming scheduled trips below! More trips will appear as they’re scheduled. Please contact [email protected] with any travel questions, or to be added to a travel interest email list.