New Distance Learning Resources: Grades 9-12

These resources were developed specifically to support teachers transitioning to distance learning. We are continuing to develop new content and will update this page as more resources become available. Lessons are marked as to whether they require access to technology for completion (digital) or are designed for students with limited or no access to technology (pdf).

Limited or no access to technology

Operation Curiosity and Wonder (pdf)
Using our powers of observation is the first step in investigating and learning about the natural world. The purpose of “Operation Curiosity and Wonder” is to connect learners to the natural world around them through the Minnesota Department of Education’s rigorous academic standards, provide opportunities for equitable non-digital options and social- emotional learning, and deepen learner understanding about how the world around them works using accessible everyday phenomena.

Download materials for teachers, families and students:

Operation Curiosity and Wonder: 9th-12th Grade

Show Us Your Mussels (pdf)
These lessons were designed to support middle and high school teachers in teaching students about water quality and how to save endangered native freshwater mussels.


Access to technology

Videos (digital)

ZOOMS Mini-Design Challenges