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Known for their songs and once kept as cage birds, the Dhyal thrush is the national bird of Bangladesh. Its image is used on paper currency.

What They Eat

Most of this bird’s diet consists of insects and their larvae. They will also eat fallen fruit, seeds, nectar from flowers and small animals such as geckos, fish, earthworms, crabs and spiders.

Where They Live

Northeastern Pakistan, India, southern China, Thailand and Indonesia.

What They Do

The dhyal thrush’s long tail is usually held upright.  During courtship the male puffs up his feathers, raises his bill, and fans out his tail, all while strutting.

How They’re Doing

These birds are common in India and Sri Lanka.

Where in the World

Southeast Asia, India


Dry forests and open woodlands, usually close to humans

Conservation Status


Animal Facts

Length: 7.5 inches long
Weight: just over an ounce
Lifespan: up to 6 years in the wild, 10-15 years in human care

Taxonomic Category


Where at the Zoo

Tropics Trail

Sidebar Content

-Indigenous people often keep trumpeters as pets. The trumpeter’s loud alarm call can alert people to the presence of snakes or other predators.

-The grey-winged trumpeter’s name was comes from the grey color of some of their wing feathers.

-Trumpeters are cavity nesters and lay their eggs in hollow trees.

-Courtship displays involve elaborate dancing, jumps, and even somersaults.

Sidebar Content

Grey-winged trumpeter populations are decreasing due to deforestation and hunting. Forests of the Amazon River basin are being cleared for roads, cattle ranching, and crop production. The trumpeter’s poor ability to fly also leaves them prime targets for hunters.  Trumpeters are likewise commonly caught and kept as pets due to their natural “guard dog” like behavior.

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