Summer Programs

Child-only classes for children age 4 to entering kindergarten in fall of 2020. All participants must be fully toilet-trained.

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PK/K Single Day Registration

If you are looking for programming during the school-year, please check out our other options Preschool Pals.


AM session: 9:30 a.m.–Noon
PM session: 1:00 p.m.–3:30 p.m.


Single day class: $35 ($27 for Zoo members).

Package Discount

Register for four or more single-day PK/K classes for the same child in a single order and receive $2.50 off each class.

Camp Schedule

Alice the Camel
Mon, June 1 (both)
Wed, July 1 (pm)
Tue, Sept 1 (pm)

One hump or two? Discover the difference between Dromedary and Bactrian camels and find out what those humps are all about.

Awesome Otters
Tue, May 26 (both)
Wed, July 1 (both)
Mon, Aug 17 (both)
Fri, Sept 4 (both)

You “otter” join us for some fun! Slip-slide through the Zoo, visiting our otter friends from around the world.

Bear Necessities
Thu, May 28 (both)
Tue, June 2 (both)
Mon, June 29 (pm)
Wed, Sept 2 (pm)

Meet our Minnesota black bears and the brown bears of Russia’s Grizzly Coast as we discover their “bear” necessities.

Cluck with the Chickens
Mon, June 29 (both)

Hens, roosters, and chicks, oh my! Explore the many kinds of chickens at the Minnesota Zoo and why they are so important.

Counting Sheep
Thu, May 28 (am)

Counting sheep may help you fall asleep, but we’ll be wide awake as we figure out how wool goes from sheep to sweater or a warm, cozy blanket.

Crazy for Crocodiles
Tue, May 26 (both)
Thu, June 4 (both)

Sink your teeth into the amazing world of crocodiles. Meet our West African dwarf crocodiles and other cool creatures from West Africa.

Dynamite Dinos
Mon, June 29 (both)
Thu, Aug 6 (am)
Thu, Aug 20 (both)
Tue, Aug 25 (both)

The word dinosaur means “wondrous lizard.” Learn about these amazing creatures that lived so long ago.

Flutter By
Mon, June 29 (both)
Mon, Aug 3 (am)

Unwrap the mysteries of metamorphosis as we learn how such a magical winged insect grows from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly.

Frog and Toad Go Hip Hop
Tue, May 26 (pm)
Wed, Aug 5 (am)

Meet “Hoppy” the frog and discover why frogs chirp and croak, and how they can jump so far.

Goofy Goats
Fri, May 29 (am)
Tue, June 30 (both)

They climb. They jump. They like to eat. Learn about our goofy goats while playing games and having fun!

Horsin’ Around
Wed, May 27 (am)
Thu, July 2 (both)

Yee-haw! Gallop into the wild world of horses and meet the big and beautiful horses of the Zoo.

Leaping Lizards
Fri, May 29 (pm)
Thu, July 2 (pm)

Are dragons real? Komodo and bearded dragons are, and you can meet them in this camp!

Wed, May 27 (both)
Mon, June 29 (both)
Wed, Sept 2 (both)

Meet our llamas, and their camel cousins, with their big eyes, long eyelashes, and thick fur. Get up close and see just how curious and social they can be.

Lucky Leopards
Wed, May 27 (pm)
Thu, July 2 (both)

Is it a cheetah, jaguar, or leopard? Discover what makes leopards different from other big cats and try to “spot” our leopards in a game of hide-and-seek.

Monk Seal Mania
Wed, July 1 (both)
Thu, Sept 3 (both)

Marine mammals are marvelous! Learn about our Hawaiian monk seals and what makes them so magnificent.

Monkey Business
Thu, June 4 (both)
Tue, June 30 (both)
Wed, Aug 19 (both)
Mon, Aug 31 (both)

Observe the antics of our many monkeys while identifying the similarities and differences between primates.

Mooing Around
Wed, July 1 (both)

Can you moo like cows do? Watch how cows are milked and enjoy a tasty dairy treat!

Panda Pals
Fri, May 29 (both)
Wed, June 3 (both)
Thu, July 2 (both)

Red pandas certainly aren’t giants, and Giant pandas aren’t red. Discover what makes them each unique.

Penguin Plunge
Fri, May 29 (both)
Mon, June 1 (both)
Tue, June 30 (both)
Tue, Aug 4 (am)

Plunge into the watery world of these energetic black and white birds as you learn what they eat, how they hunt, and much more!

Perky Parrots
Thu, May 28 (both)
Fri, Sept 4 (pm)

Find out what it’s like to have backward pointing toes, a nut-cracking beak, and rainbow colored feathers!

Pigs on Parade
Tue, May 26 (am)

Explore the world of domestic pigs and discover how surprisingly clean and intelligent these little piggies
can be!

Wed, May 27 (both)
Tue, June 30 (both)
Fri, Aug 7 (am)

Designed to be a perfect predator, the shark’s sharp teeth and sensational senses may surprise you!

Silly Snakes
Thu, May 28 (pm)
Tue, Aug 18 (both)

Slither into the snake world and discover why these reptiles are so helpful and important.

Six–Legged Safari
Fri, June 5 (both)
Thu, Sept 3 (pm)

Explore the wonderful and tiny world of insects and how they keep the natural world buzzing with activity.

Fri, June 5 (both)
Wed, July 1 (both)
Thu, Aug 27 (both)
Tue, Sept 1 (both)

What’s black and orange and striped from head to toe? That’s right—a tiger! Learn how they compare to your pet cats at home.

Turtle Tales
Tue, June 2 (both)
Fri, Aug 21 (both)
Mon, Aug 24 (both)

Dive into the sea for an imaginary trip with a sea turtle and discover the underwater world of these remarkable reptiles.

Under the Sea
Wed, June 3 (both)
Tue, June 30 (pm)
Fri, Aug 28 (both)

Sea stars, sea horses, and sea turtles, oh my! Discover why “down where it’s wetter, that’s where it’s better” as we explore the colorful world of the coral reef.

Wild Wolves
Thu, July 2 (both)
Wed, Aug 26 (both)
Mon, Aug 31 (pm)

From the Big Bad Wolf to Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf has received quite an undeserved reputation.
Meet our pack as we prove these stories wrong.