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Adult Interpretive Volunteer Program - 18 years of age and older

2019 Fall Guest Experience Volunteer Program and Jack O Lantern Spectacular

Seasonal Interpretive Program—17 years of age and older

Farm Volunteer Program - 17 years of age and older

Carousel Volunteer Program—17 years of age and older

Event Volunteer Program—18 years of age and older

Department and Office Volunteer Program—18 years of age and older

Summer Camp ZooTeen Volunteer Program



Summer Camp ZooTeen Volunteer Program—13-18 years of age
ZooTeens will select three full weeks (Monday-Friday) of volunteer service during the summer that coordinates with family and school schedules

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• I understand that there will be an interview in addition to my application.
• I understand that a selection process is used in the recruitment phase and not all applicants are accepted into a program.
• I understand that the Farm and Seasonal Interpretive Programs run 12-14 weeks each summer. My summer schedule will allow me to miss no more than two weeks of volunteering from Memorial Day-Labor Day.
• I understand that the Adult Interpretive, Event, Gift Shop and Office are year-round programs.
• I understand that the Carousel Program runs from April through October weather dependent.
• I understand that I will need to agree to a Child Protection Background Check with Fingerprinting before I may begin volunteering. (This background check is completed on teenagers as well)

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