Closed for the Season

An interactive, nature-based play area located off the Zoo’s Central Plaza. Children can reconnect with the great outdoors by discovering sculptures of animals and natural objects, explore hollow tree boles, and climb on suspension bridges, nets, tunnels, and slides.

Woodland Adventure features a Minnesota theme and 4,800 square-feet of exciting nature elements for children ages 3-12 including:

  • Various sized turtle shells to climb in, around, and over the top
  • A giant eagle’s nest, complete with over-sized eagle eggs!
  • A ranger tower with a six-foot slide
  • A bear den to crawl through and explore
  • Fish spring riders as well as a fishing boat on springs that kids can climb in, rock, and bounce (the fish spring riders are custom made representing common Minnesota fish like walleye, largemouth bass, and sunfish)
  • A replica of Minnesota’s Split Rock Lighthouse featuring stairs, several slides, and a nine-foot high wooden walkway leading to a rope bridge and tree house
  • A large tree house that is ADA accessible but also features rope bridges and a giant oriole nest swing—big enough for two!
  • A giant mosquito sculpture to climb and explore (but no bites)
  • A large rope spider web

Throughout Woodland Adventure, the flooring will be made of thick recycled material, easy to walk on but soft enough to take the “bump” out of tough landings. Most of the work is done by local Minnesota designers and contractors.

This $1 million project is entirely funded by private and corporate sources, including a $500,000 grant from General Mills. It is located on the new Central Plaza, next to the popular Splash Pad and Russia’s Grizzly Coast exhibit.