We are committed to making the Zoo accessible and fun for everyone.

If you have questions or need assistance, our wonderful Zoo staff and volunteers are available throughout the Zoo.

Buildings and facilities are wheelchair accessible. Both standard and extended size wheelchairs are available on a first come basis. Although there is no rental fee, a driver’s license is held as a deposit.

Both single and double strollers are available for rent at each entrance. The cost is $5 per day for a single stroller and $8 per day for a double stroller. A driver’s license is held as a deposit.

Motorized Single Rider Carts 
We have a limited supply of single rider carts, available on a first-come basis.  The rental fee is $10 per hour (Maximum of $40) and a driver’s license is held as a deposit.

The Minnesota Zoo’s TTY number is 1-800-627-3528.

Service Animals: 
We welcome guests that choose to bring their trained service animal into the Zoo. Working dogs (guide dogs for the blind, service dogs for people with disabilities) or working dogs in training are permitted at the Zoo. Pets are not allowed. The service animal must be properly identified, inoculated, and leashed.

Sign Language Interpreters
With two week’s notice, school groups,  individuals or family groups may call 952-431-9218 to arrange for a sign language interpreter.

A total of 46 designated handicap parking spaces are available in the first row of each of the four parking areas. Parking fees are $7 for cars, $10 for buses and $15 for motor coaches. There is also a drop-off area close to both the South Entrance and the East Entrance.

Accessible Family Restrooms are located at the Wells Fargo Family Farm, The Target® Learning Center, the Central Plaza by the Splash Pad and if you are taking a class – in the Cargill Education Event Center.


Zoo volunteers and staff are available to assist you throughout the Zoo.

For re-entry please use hand stamp available at each exit or your corporate picnic wristband.

Restrooms/Diaper Changing Areas

  • Central Plaza (seasonal)
  • Russia’s Grizzly Coast Mammoth Dig
  • Call of the Wild Food Court
  • Minnesota Trail
  • Discovery Bay
  • Crossroads Park
  • Caribou exhibit (seasonal)
  • Farm house basement (seasonal)
  • Farm granary classroom (seasonal)

Family Restrooms

  • Central Plaza (seasonal)
  • Target Learning Center

Nursing Areas

  • The reading corner of the Bee Hive is a favorite spot for nursing Moms – especially those with other children to keep occupied.
  • The nursing area located at the indoor hub of the Zoo near the entrance to the Tropics and Minnesota Trails, on the side of the Target® Learning Center is quiet and comfortable.
  • For those Mom’s who prefer a completely private experience, the Family Restroom, with chair and changing table, is right outside the Target Learning Center.

First Aid
Near Guest Services desk

ATM Locations

  • Call of the Wild Food Court
  • Wells Fargo Family Farm
  • Discovery Bay