InternAquiristThe Minnesota Zoo’s Aquariums/Life Support department is responsible for over 225 different aquatic species (including fish, invertebrates, and corals) with about 1000 total fish both fresh and salt water, 15 different species of amphibians and reptiles including two species of sea turtle, and the filtration systems that support their lives. This includes 20 exhibit tanks (including a 95,000 Indo-Pacific Reef fish aquarium and a 230,000 Caribbean shark aquarium), 50 fish quarantine tanks, and more than five reptile/amphibian quarantine tanks.

Year round internship:

College credit required. Internships generally run 40 hours per week for 10-14 weeks. Work hours are from 7-3:30 daily and days off are normally week days.

Aquarium department interns are directly involved with daily duties and activities and they will have an opportunity to either perform or observe all of the duties listed below. They will also be asked to participate in special projects as they arise. Interns will learn aquarium set-ups ranging from basic to the most complicated. Interns will leave our program knowing how to keep fish, corals, etc., set-up and maintain their aquariums, and keep them looking like exhibit quality. The Aquariums department performs up to three shows daily including a dive show in our tropical reef, a shark tank feeding presentation, and a tropical reef shark feeding, all of which our interns participate in. We prefer interns to be SCUBA certified as they will have an opportunity to dive in our 95,000 gallon Indo-Pacific reef tank to help maintain it as well as doing dive shows as they become comfortable.

Duties to include:

  • Prepare daily diets.
  • Perform basic tank checks (temperatures, water levels, animal checks).
  • Participate in daily shows.
  • Feed animals.
  • Perform water changes/siphon as necessary and as directed by aquarists.
  • Scuba diving for shows and cleaning (requires scuba certification).
  • Learn fish IDs.
  • Life support maintenance.
  • Learn water quality testing.

Additional Requirement:
The Aquariums internship requires applicants to include a letter of recommendation with their application materials. If you do not submit a letter of recommendation with your application materials, consideration for the internship may be delayed.

For more information, please contact: Internship Coordinator, Human Resources 13000 Zoo Boulevard, Apple Valley, MN 55124 E-mail: [email protected] Fax: 952.431.9211         or

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All application materials should be sent to the Internship Coordinator by email at Human.Resources [email protected]