Classrooms or Other Groups

Your classroom, Girl Scout Troop, 4-H Club, alumni group, or any other group or organization can sponsor an animal at the Minnesota Zoo Foundation.

Many teachers have incorporated an animal sponsorship into their lesson plans, even tying the sponsorship with a field trip to the Zoo. Alumni groups, student councils, and honor societies sponsor their school’s mascot. Youth groups use animal sponsorship as one of their service projects. The possibilities are endless!

Group Animal Sponsorships provide benefits to share with your members:

For your $75 gift, your group will receive:

  • Personalized sponsorship certificate for the group (1).
  • Plush animal toy (1).
  • Animal trading cards (max 50).
  • Minnesota Zoo Foundation pencils for each member (max 50).

For your $100 gift, your group also will receive:

  • Animal Sponsorship Certificates for each member (up to 50).
  • Children’s book about animals and/or conservation (1, selection may vary).

For your $250 gift, your group also will receive:

  • An invitation to meet with a Zookeeper. (approximately 15 minutes, during normal Zoo hours).

For more information, contact Shannon Rhatigan at[email protected], 952.431.9447, or toll free at 800.366.7811 x447. Thank you for your interest in supporting the Minnesota Zoo Foundation!