This new program provides unique, engaging on-site animal experiences to zoo guests. Types of Close Encounters include special animal enrichment, providing guests with one-on-one opportunities to interact with zookeepers, animal training demonstrations, and a chance to observe and touch fascinating critters, including some that aren’t typically exhibited at the Zoo.

Close Encounters occur every day, throughout the day, in all areas of the zoo. With a growing collection of animals and an average of six Close Encounters presentations daily, this program offers something for all of our guests.

Please check in at the Guest Services Desk for information on the day’s Close Encounters.
Friday, April 3, 2015
9:00 Animal Enrichment at Snow Monkeys
10:00 Animal Enrichment at Brown Bears (Russia’s Grizzly Coast)
11:00 Animal Enrichment at Sea Otters (Russia’s Grizzly Coast)
11:00 Meet a Keeper at Gibbon Lake (Tropics Trail)
11:30 Animal Training at Moose (Northern Trail)
1:00 Animal Enrichment at River Otter (Minnesota Trail)
2:00 Incredible Creatures at the End of the Tropics Trail

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