These programs can assist teachers in meeting the Minnesota State Science Standards while providing the students with a stimulating educational experience. Whether you need a large group assembly or an in-depth discussion of environmental issues in your classroom the Zoomobile will give your students a unique educational experience.


Our assemblies are designed for a maximum audience size of 300 people, last approximately 45 minutes, and typically include 4 species of animals.

All Things Connected
Using a variety of animals, props, and activities, the Zoomobile naturalist leads students through a process of discovery to recognize the relationships that connect all life on earth. This program can be adapted to serve any grade level.

Tropical Rain Forest
Featuring a unique array of animals and props, the Zoomobile naturalist will bring to life tropical rain forest issues right in your school. This program will enhance and reinforce any school’s unit on the tropics and can be adapted to serve any grade level.

Cool Animals of the North
This program uses a variety of animals native to our state and will educate the students about ecological concepts unique to Minnesota while instilling a sense of environmental stewardship towards the global ecosystem. This program can be adapted to serve any grade level.


Classroom Program
Zoomobile seminars are designed for a classroom setting (30 students maximum). Seminar programs are more hands on, informal, and in-depth. Seminar programs may include power point presentations, sound, animals, plants, props, and individual participation. Program duration is 45 minutes.

Sample Classroom Topics