The Show Us Your Mussels Challenge

New! For the 2019-2020 school year the Challenge will now include BOTH middle and high school levels.

Minnesota students create original digital media campaigns informing the public about the impact of water quality on native mussels. The school groups that get the message out to the most people will receive FREE field trips to the Minnesota Zoo including bussing, admission, parking and interactive sessions with our Mussel Conservation staff. For more information see the Frequently Asked Questions below or  email us at [email protected].

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2019 Application to Develop Educational Resources

The Minnesota Zoo is seeking teachers to refine existing resources and develop additional classroom resources to support the Show Us Your Mussels Challenge during the summer of 2019. These resources would aid middle and high school students in developing digital media campaigns to promote mussel conservation, water quality awareness and personal or community action. Partner teachers will receive $1000 stipend.

To apply to develop curriculum for the Show Us Your Mussels Challenge, please complete the following application and email it to [email protected].  Applications are due May 24, 2019.

Download the application here.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the “Show Us Your Mussels” Challenge?
Why should we participate in the challenge?
How is this project aligned to my curriculum?
Is there any curriculum developed to support the Challenge?
Is there any professional development to support the Challenge?
What other support do you provide for teachers doing the Challenge?
Can members of your mussel conservation team come visit me at my school?
What types of projects can be created?
What are some best practices that students may choose to promote through their campaigns?
How will the winners be selected?
When is the challenge?
What do the winning groups receive?
When will the winners be announced?
When will field trips occur for the winning schools?
What are the important dates to remember?