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What is the “Show Us Your Mussels” Challenge?
High School students create original digital media campaigns to inform the public about the impact of water quality on native mussels.

The school group that gets the message out to the most people will receive a FREE field trip to the Minnesota Zoo including bussing, admission, parking and interactive sessions with our Mussel Conservation staff.

What types of projects can be created?
The projects must be created and/or disseminated digitally. Examples may include online videos, websites, social media outreach, games, simulations, radio ads, etc.

Besides having a digital component, the campaign must encourage community members to take action to improve water quality and conserve native mussel populations.

Projects may be created by individual students or in small groups. Each school may have as many campaigns going on at the same time as they wish. Winning schools will be selected based on the amount of votes that they receive.

How will the winners be selected?
Each digital campaign must include a link to the Zoo’s “Show Us Your Mussels” website. Once someone views the campaign they click on the link and are brought to a page where they can vote for that school. The schools with the most votes will be declared the winners.

What do you win?
Participants from the schools with the most votes will receive a FREE field trip to the Minnesota Zoo including bussing, parking and admission. They will also receive a behind the scenes tour of mussel conservation work at the Zoo.

One grand prize winning school will also be selected. In addition to a free field trip the participants from this school will be invited to do mussel work with our conservation team. They will also pitch their campaign to the marketing team at the Zoo.

When is the challenge?
Schools must register by December 15, 2017. Teachers can decide how/when to develop campaigns in their classrooms. However, the public will be able to vote on campaigns from February 1 to February 28, 2018.

When will the winners be announced?
Winners will be announced by March 8, 2018.

How do you join the challenge?
Complete the form below and we will email you all the information you need to start the “Show Us Your Mussels” Challenge at your school.

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