While this bird is capable of flight, it spends most of its time running and hopping from branch to branch.

What They Eat

Fruits, berries, flowers and small invertebrates like termites and snails.

Where They Live

Throughout most of sub-Saharan Africa except the southern-most part of the continent.

What They Do

These birds will defend their treetop territories, even if it means confronting predatory birds. Families and pairs form flocks containing as many as 30 individuals.

How They’re Doing

Lady Ross’s Turacos are listed in the category of least concern for extinction. They have a very large range and a stable population.

Where in the World



Thickets and the upper levels of evergreen forests.

Conservation Status


Animal Facts

Body length: up to 20 inches long
Weight: Just under 1 pound
Wingspan: About 18 inches
Lifespan: 10-15 years in the wild, twice as long in human care

Taxonomic Category



Turacos have copper pigment in their feathers, a feature unique to this family of birds.

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