2018 Summer Programs

Single-day Zoo Camp for Adults

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Adult Registration

Jealous of all the fun the kids are having at Zoo Camp? Learn more about zoos and our animals, try some fun hands-on activities, meet new people, and dive into the world of conservation. Join us for one session or come back again and again for new activities and knowledge.


A.M. Session: 9:30-11:30 a.m.
P.M. Session: 1:30-3:30 p.m.


$25 ($19 for Zoo members)

Package Discount

Receive $15 off when six classes are booked for the same person in a single order.

Camp Schedule

The Story of Baby Zoo Animals
Fri, June 15 (pm)
Dating, mating, and matchmaking are a little wild in the animal kingdom. Learn about some eccentric animal mating and courtship behaviors, then learn about conservation breeding and where our Zoo animals come from.

NEW! Meet the Python: An Exclusive, Early-Morning Program for Adults
Mon, June 25
Special time: 7:45–9 am
Join us for a bonus encounter with our Burmese Python on the Tropics Trail! Get a behind-the-scenes opportunity to watch her get weighed (not a simple undertaking), touch her beautiful scales, and walk the Tropics Trail before it opens to the public.

NEW! Wildlife Research Skills: Telemetry Tracking
Thu, June 28 (pm)
Studying animals in the wild is difficult, but there are tools that make it easier! Try some hands-on challenges using real telemetry equipment, and learn how our Asian wild horse research utilizes this technology in Mongolia.

All About Sloths
Wed, July 11 (am)
Sloths are one of the Zoo’s most beloved animals and one of the most fascinating! This class will give you a big dose of cute, plus some new fun facts and stories. You thought you knew everything about sloths—think again!

NEW! Secrets of the Butterfly Garden
Tue, July 24 (am)
Enjoy exclusive time in the Butterfly Garden before it opens to the public, assisting with the daily opening tasks, and learning more about Minnesota’s moths, butterflies, and the flowers they love!

NEW! The Wild Cats
Mon, July 30 (am)
All of our wild cat species—lynx, puma, tigers, and leopards—have their own amazing skills and abilities. Meet their keepers, peek behind-the-scenes, and learn some wild stories about the impressive family of felines.

NEW! The Science of Feathers
Fri, Aug 17 (pm)
Often overlooked, feathers are amazing feats of engineering. Use microscopes, hand lenses, and a variety of feathers to explore color, shape, size, and patterns—then meet some beautiful birds right in the classroom!